Best Rated Pet Hair Remover

The SurgeRoller is one of the best rated pet hair removal products to remove pet hair from furniture, couches, carpets, car seats and much more.

Ditch that lint roller. This roller works like a pet lint brush but much more effectively. The best pet vacuums require electricity and portable pet fur remover products require batteries, not this dog hair remover.

The best brushes for pet hair are tiresome and pushes pet fur around. The SurgeRoller lifts up the dog hair and cat fur into the chamber for quick disposal. The best part is, the SurgeRoller is a reusable pet hair removal roller which saves you money and time.

Unlike the Chom Chom Roller the SurgeRoller is packed and shipped in the United States of America with our base of operation in Houston, Texas.

Get this pet hair removal tool today, we recommend you get two. One for the house and one for the car. Don’t struggle with cheap pet hair brushes and clunky pet hair vacuums any longer.

Pet owners throughout America have purchased this affordable pet hair roller and the reviews are testament to this quality product.

Make the smart choice, buy the SurgeRoller today.

No Electricity Or Batteries

No batteries or electricity is need to use the Surge Roller when cleaning up pet hair


The Surge Roller is non-sticky and therefore non-toxic to use around the home or car


The Surge Roller is not a disposable product so it can be reused multiple times

Quality Materials

Surge Roller is made with only the toughest and durable materials

Solving Common Problems

Pet Owners have one common problem and that’s getting the shed pet hair from their dog or cat off the couch, carpet, furniture, car seats etc.

Traditional sweeping doesn’t work

Single Roller

Just $22

2x Rollers Value Pack

Just $39